Delivering Market Ready Solutions


We work with the best providers in the industry to deliver solutions that get it right the first time. point vision believes that being first to market isn’t the same as bringing value to the market. We work with our clients to develop short and long-term strategies for utilizing 3D technologies in their business. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of 3D capture and visualization to bring the most disruptive services to an increasingly challenging retail environment.



Development of a Specification and Requirement
We work with our clients to develop clear and concise specifications and requirements for a target application. If you have a specific application in mind or are just interested in finding new ways to incorporate 3D solutions into your retail business, we can help you get started.

Feasibility Study
Our comprehensive market feasibility study is based both on the current technologies available on the market and those on the horizon. Our study includes the identification and evaluation of development partners, product suitability searches and a competitive market landscape report. We search for the best technologies available and evaluate both the hardware and software components necessary for our clients end use case. The result is a clear recommended course of action and a plan for moving forward.


Proof of Concept
After identifying and evaluating the technologies required for an application, we work with our clients to develop a project plan timeline and requirement traceability verification matrix. We manage the project with the technology supplier(s) and work with our client to develop a specification for a minimum viable product (MVP) to be used in proof of concept testing. This process involves developing a fully working end to end solution (engineering prototype) which can be used to conduct in-store beta testing.

User Experience Testing
An MVP allows for testing of the concept in a controlled environment with potential end users. This testing allows for the gathering of valuable user experience feedback and provides a bench mark for the market ready solution. We work to ensure that this testing gathers the necessary metrics to identify that the solution meets customer and client needs.




Built for Scale
The gathering of important feedback from POC devices and user experience testing allows for the creation of a detailed statement of work (SOW). The SOW road maps the deliverable and milestones for suppliers and integrator for the development of a retail ready device. This process results in the development of a solution which can be reliably deployed into the retail environment.