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About Our Founders

point vision was founded with the mission of delivering the latest emerging technologies to the consumer retail space and beyond. We utilize the most cutting edge technologies and services available in 3D scanning, 3D data visualization and manipulation, augmented and virtual reality and 3D printing to provide retailers and brands with solutions that help drive their business. point vision is passionate about technology and that’s why we’ve assembled an expert team with extensive backgrounds in the development and commercialization of emerging technologies. 


stephen crossland | founder | head of business development

Stephen brings many years of business development and marketing experience to point vision. Previously working with a Fortune 100 company in the medical sector, he most recently spent the last 6 years heading the North American Enterprise division at a globally recognized 3D scanning firm. Stephen has extensive experience working with clients to identify and develop market-leading custom 3D solutions. He holds a BA from West Virginia University and an Executive MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA .


Jarno is an accomplished computer vision researcher and pioneer. He received a B.S in Industrial Automation from the Polytechnic of Jyväskylä, Finland, in 2000, as well as a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Lappeenranta, Finland, in 2006. In 2011 Jarno went on to earn a Phd, with the highest qualifications, in the field of Computer Vision from the University of Granada, Spain. Apart from computer vision, he is enthusiastic about programming, number crunching using computers and high performance computing. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Finnish and currently resides in Helsinki, Finland. 



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